Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Has Arrived

Well only a 4 day week this week thanks to the Bank Holiday last Monday. The week seemed to go by in a flash. My dreaded cold was still in full force with the coughing keeping me up all night, but now thankfully it is settling down. I had by first full night's sleep last night.

On Tuesday evening we had the pleasure of finally meeting Robert (my blog follower from the UK) He was over taking in some more of the sights of Nova Scotia. We met him at the B & B he was staying at in Elmsdale...A beautiful B & B I might add. We went for an Italian meal locally and it was great to hear about his adventure and finally meet the man behind the comments and information! Robert you will now been know to me at PP Rob!

I had a dentist appointment this week on Thursday. Yet another thorough cleaning and a check up by the dentist that disturbed me somewhat...After 43 years of no dental work what so ever, I have finally got a couple of tiny cavities. So much to my utter disgust I have to go and get 2 fillings next month. As you can imagine I am not impressed by this all all. I couldn't help but wonder as Dentistry is big business on this side of the pond if these fillings are entirely necessary, but better to be safe than sorry I guess. Fillings are going to be a new adventure for me and I am not sure what to expect!

In other news this week, the Autumn colours finally popped. They literally started to show properly over night. I headed out with Cheryl and Nancy yesterday on a Photo Club field trip to Parrsboro. Wow the colours were amazing there, the whole area was just stunning. I had passed through that area many years ago, but never really spent any time there. Us girls ended up breaking away from the main group and doing our own thing most of the day, we headed off to explore Amherst and the Pugwash area as we had heard there were some abandoned houses out that was, and we definitely found a one cracking old place in particular. A bit dangerous under foot, but well worth the scary moments!

It was a long, long day, we met all the other photographers at the Camera Club at 6.45 am and we didn't get home until around 7.30 pm. The weather was great once again, sunny and warm, so much so I got a sweat on most of the day!

Autumn, just around the corner in Parrsboro

Just beautiful everywhere!

A riot of colour

Even this old shed looks great!

Five Islands Lighthouse

PP Rob, Robert and me! (Photo courtesty of Rob's camera)


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