Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Peggy's, Yesterday Evening
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Apologies for the lack of posting last week. I really haven't been up to much so I thought I would
save what little I did have to write about for this weekend.

So it's Labour Day Weekend here and officially the end of Summer, which I find very depressing. Fingers crossed though we have some lovely Fall weather to come. It's a long weekend here so it's nice to just recharge for the week ahead. Only 4 days and then I am off for another week.

I dragged Rob back to the Sunflowers again last weekend as the weather was beautifully sunny and I wanted to capture some different shots of them under blue skies rather than cloudy ones. Other than that we really haven't done a whole heck of a lot. Yesterday we took the boys for their annual check up at the vets. All looking good, Hamish did somewhat embarrass us though as he got very hissy after the vet tried to take his temperature!!! I guess I would get a bit hissy too if someone tried to take my temperature that way!!! Shakespeare is overweight...! He has to lose some, we never over feed him, but he does tend to pick at Hamish's food so we are going to have to watch that. Hamish got some new food which is supposed to help his brain and organs, he is getting a little senile of late and has vacant spells where he howls (blood curdling howls) and forgets where he is. We also bought him some essential oils spot of treatment, which is supposed to help his coat and skin. They really are the most pampered cats!

The visit to the vets took about a large part of the day, but later in the afternoon we decided to take a drive out to Peggy's Cove as we hadn't been this year. It was a very pleasant sunny evening.

As I shall be on Vacation from next weekend (more of a 'stay-cation' my next update may not be for 2 weeks).

'Sun & Cloud...Computing' Rob distracted on his iPhone
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'Leader of the Pack'

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Another quiet week, and after the short 4 day week last week, this one seemed to go on forever.
Thursday was Rob's 50th, but we didn't do anything on Thursday, instead we went out for our usual fish and chip supper at Wharf Wraps with Anne and Smiffy. They bought Rob some pressies one of which was a pair of badminton rackets as we have mentioned before that we might use out front garden as a badminton court (of sorts) as it is just the right size for knocking a shuttlecock around on. So now all we need is a net :o)

On Saturday Rob and I went out in the afternoon to Dakeyne Farm which is approximately an hour away near Hantsport. They have a gorgeous Sunflower Maize, I was supposed to go last weekend on a Photo Club field trip but the rumour was that the flowers weren't at their peak, so we waited until this weekend to go instead. They were very impressive, and so pretty. I took way too many photos, but here are a few of my favourites.

Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Life Cycle


Almost There

Colour Washed Vintage Postcard Sunflowers

Sunday, August 10, 2014

OMG...Too Lazy to do Anything

Well I wish I could say I had some more new this week, but I don't. At least the work week was only 2 days long thanks to the bank holiday on Monday! The weather has been a bit up and down, we even had a bit of thunderstorm on Friday which of course I really don't like one bit. Thankfully it didn't last long and waiting until I got home before it started.

I was due to go out on a photography field trip today to a Sunflower field, however having seen a photo that was taken just yesterday there, only a few of the flowers are showing. I think everything is a bit late this year, thanks to that terrible long winter.

I am shocked to have to mention that it is Rob's 50th Birthday later this week...I had no idea he was nearly 50 until I saw his mum's card come through the mail. The worse thing is that means I am not far behind him.
When you think of yourself, spouses, family and friends, they never age in your own minds. I suppose he can look at it as a positive...One year nearer retirement :o)

I will leave you with a montage of flowers from our garden. I have been trying to record some of the flowers as they have been emerging, so I remember what we have, the planting is great, each month something else appears. The previous owners did a great job with the garden, which means we can just sit back and enjoy it...Except for weeding and grass maintenance of course (Rob's domain). We did actually plant some stuff in our vegetable patch and have been enjoying cucumbers from the garden. Soon we will have tomatoes and Zuccchini too if they ever ripen off.

From the Garden

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Paw Project

As my news is pretty slim this week and what news I do have, is not for sharing via a blog, I will take this opportunity to talk about a cause that is close to my heart and if I can reach just just a few of you out there and spur you into passing on the word or donating to the cause then my mission will be accomplished.

If you have Netflix in the UK, USA or Canada, please watch the documentary film "The Paw Project". Whilst it is disturbing in parts, it is also something that every cat owner should be aware of. In 30 countries across Europe including UK cat de-clawing is banned and illegal, as it should be.

In Canada and the USA it is not! de-clawing a cat is the same as amputating off your fingers at the first knuckle. It is barbaric! If you love your sofa more than your cat, don't get a cat in the first place.

De-clawing a cat means it becomes defenceless, it cannot scratch in a litter box and the process of de-clawing, can lead to constant pain, disability and behavioural problems later on in life. If a cat cannot defend itself with it's claws, the next thing it will do is bite you. If it cannot scratch in a litter tray then naturally it will mess on your floors and furniture....Now ask yourself, does de-clawing make sense? The reason people choose to put their cat through this in the first place is a no damage, no mess result, when in actual fact they have now perpetuated the problem, which in turn leads owners to get rid of their cats or have them put down.

De-clawing is a cash cow for vets, they don't want this procedure to be outlawed. Vets are supposed to do no harm to animals, this procedure IS harmful and it needs to stop.

Check out the website for more information:

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It's Natal Day weekend here. I have done absolutely nothing apart from edit a lot of photos and sleep...It;s been great! Below are a few more images from my week off:

Fort Anne, a different perspective

The Blacksmith at King's Landing


The Joslin Farm, King's Landing 


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