Monday, August 4, 2014

The Paw Project

As my news is pretty slim this week and what news I do have, is not for sharing via a blog, I will take this opportunity to talk about a cause that is close to my heart and if I can reach just just a few of you out there and spur you into passing on the word or donating to the cause then my mission will be accomplished.

If you have Netflix in the UK, USA or Canada, please watch the documentary film "The Paw Project". Whilst it is disturbing in parts, it is also something that every cat owner should be aware of. In 30 countries across Europe including UK cat de-clawing is banned and illegal, as it should be.

In Canada and the USA it is not! de-clawing a cat is the same as amputating off your fingers at the first knuckle. It is barbaric! If you love your sofa more than your cat, don't get a cat in the first place.

De-clawing a cat means it becomes defenceless, it cannot scratch in a litter box and the process of de-clawing, can lead to constant pain, disability and behavioural problems later on in life. If a cat cannot defend itself with it's claws, the next thing it will do is bite you. If it cannot scratch in a litter tray then naturally it will mess on your floors and furniture....Now ask yourself, does de-clawing make sense? The reason people choose to put their cat through this in the first place is a no damage, no mess result, when in actual fact they have now perpetuated the problem, which in turn leads owners to get rid of their cats or have them put down.

De-clawing is a cash cow for vets, they don't want this procedure to be outlawed. Vets are supposed to do no harm to animals, this procedure IS harmful and it needs to stop.

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It's Natal Day weekend here. I have done absolutely nothing apart from edit a lot of photos and sleep...It;s been great! Below are a few more images from my week off:

Fort Anne, a different perspective

The Blacksmith at King's Landing


The Joslin Farm, King's Landing 


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