Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Busy Week Off - Part 2

So, back to our little road trip. As you can imagine Anne and I were pretty shattered from Monday's adventures, but to our credit, motivation was high and we set off like a couple of corpses at around 8.45 am on Tuesday. This time Anne was in the driving seat, thank god, and we headed for Annapolis Royal.
(To keep this really simple for those of you that have no knowledge of Nova Scotia, day 1 we went almost all the way along the bottom coast and on day 2 we went almost all the way along the top coast). 
A smooth 3 hours later we arrived at our destination, with no weird detours.

Our first stop was to visit Fort Anne a star shaped fortress which is Canada's oldest Historic Site. The officers quarters date back to 1797 and were renovated in the 1930's and today house the history of the Fort and a museum exhibit. It have lovely views of the surrounding Annapolis Basin, and the officer quarters are very photogenic, but for me personally (unless you enjoy a lot of reading info boards) the inside was slightly dull.

After wandering around the grounds we were pretty peckish so we then had lunch in Annapolis Royal (which thankfully this time was much quicker at arriving than the day before). From there we headed across the causeway to Granville Ferry and on to another historical site called The Habitation at Port-Royal. This was the first successful settlement in North America established in 1605 by the French and essentially a trading post, for most furs and skins. Like Fort Anne it was renovated in the 1930's and is today a beautiful living history museum. Photographically I loved poking around this place, so many interesting rooms and little vignettes, all surrounding a very pretty little courtyards with a well. 

After a good few hours there we left and were on our way again, we decided to meander back through some of the mountain roads that Anne had not been along. We finally got home around 10 pm.

Wednesday I didn't do anything as I was expecting a delivery, my sofa developed a squeak a few weeks ago, they sent a tech out to look at it and he concurred there was something wrong with it. Leon's ordered me a new one (excellent customer service). If you ever get furniture, get it from them, they are great to deal with. So at about 2 pm my new, new sofa arrived. 

Thursday and Friday Rob and I went to New Brunswick. Thursday we left at stupid o'clock 5.30 am. It took us around 4 and a half hours to get to Fredericton and then on to Kings Landing, which was the whole reason for going. Kings Landing is the most beautiful (and massive) living history, historical village.
Rob and I had been there before as tourists in 2005, and I have wanted to go back ever since. It didn't disappoint...Stunning! The costumed characters don't bother you unless you want them to talk to you.They literally carry on with every day tasks of the time, which in itself makes for great photos. I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area, but you should allow at least 6 hours to explore it.

Friday we spent most of the day winding our way back home stopping at couple of little scenic spots along the way and since returning I have spent the weekend editing images and doing very little, knowing I am back to dreaded work on Monday.

I have included photos from each stop here, there will be many more to come!! Click to view larger!

Fort Anne

Looking across to Granville Ferry From Annapolis Royal

Inside the Dining Room at Port-Royal

Wagons Roll at Kings Landing

Lovely Heritage Home at Kings Landing

Everywhere you turn, a photo op at Kings Landing


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