Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurricane Arthur

No surprise that this entry is called Hurricane Arthur as that is pretty much all anyone has talked about before his arrival on Saturday. We gathered everything up off the deck and anything else that might fly around and stayed in all day and all night yesterday. The wind was amazingly strong, pretty scary at some points especially with so many trees everywhere. I believe the highest recorded wind gusts in our area was around 116 km's an hour but further west at Yarmouth the gusts reached 140 km an hour. All in all the damage here was pretty minimal considering. There were and still are plenty of power outages across the Maritimes, thankfully we weren't on the receiving end of those in our road. From what I have seen Fredericton in New Brunswick bore the biggest brunt of the storm as they were pelted with the high winds and rain.

Getting up today the sun was shining again, it's a tropical 24 degrees with a warm wind blowing, we had a few plants to sort out that had been battered and plenty of leaves and to rake up. Other than the weather I don't have a whole hell of a lot to talk about, it's been a quiet and uneventful week, Robert and I did make the effort to go for the first swim of the Summer at the lake after work on Wednesday. We must have been very hot as the water felt so cold, but once in (after we had stopped fannying about), it felt great.

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