Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Yes it's Canada Day here and a Bank Holiday Tuesday! Can't say I am thrilled about going to work Monday having Tuesday off and back to work Wednesday....Completely buggers up my mojo.
I personally think the day should be moveable to the first Monday in July...But I doubt other Canadians would agree with me.

The weather is pretty darn hot right now, which is great. Rachael and I went on a camera club field trip to a dog training place/farm at the weekend. The dogs were fun and I got a few half decent animal shots. We spent a long time down by a lake watching dog after dog jump in of the end of a dock after their toys, this was the absolute definition of doggy heaven.

Robert has almost finished painting the front deck and we have added a couple more plants to our vegetable plot, a tomato plant from a friend at work plus some pepper plants from our neighbours.

Today we got up early and took the ferry over to Halifax for a walk along the front, it was rather peaceful as most people weren't up and out there yet. I should mention we got up early to head down to Alderney Landing to get the free pancake breakfast, however we decided to skip that event as the queue was half way round the block and across the massive car park...And NO pancakes are worth that amount of queuing. After our walk we headed back and had plans to do other stuff, but just ran out of steam in the heat, so a bit of weeding and painting later. Note to self, make more of an effort next year. I know deep down it's because it's a Tuesday and not the end of a long weekend!

Belated happy birthday to my friend Kim. I know she too is moving house this month, so I hope it's a bit cooler for you!

Here's some photos from today and the weekend. Plus a super cute bonus image of my Shakespeare during our bed remaking...This occurs every time we have washed the sheets and are trying to re-make the bed, he loves getting in amongst the layers of sheets while we try to carry on around him...This photo op was too good to miss (taken with my phone cam). Click on any of these to view larger!!!

Undercover Cat!
I am not a Alpaca

Dartmouth Bound

Along the Waterfront

The Bum Deal :o)


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