Sunday, June 22, 2014

Social Week

Circles of Light - My best in Show image
It' s certainly been a while since I have done much, but it seems this week was the week for activities.
On Thursday night Rachael, Rob and I went to see the folk duo Breeze & Wilson at our friend Raye's Lighthouse. You may remember last year we attended the same event. We became friends with Raye after trespassing on his land and photographing his old classic cars. That's the nice thing about Nova Scotia...You can be trespassing one minute and friends with the land owner the next :o) The evening was great fun, although the weather could have been warmer. Breeze and Wilson are singer song writers from the UK who have quite the following in the Maritimes and play a selection of dates every year at house/garden parties and small hall venues. They have a lovely laid back vibe and are very witty in between their songs.

Saturday Rachael and I ventured out in search of some abandoned properties, we didn't really do very well, and to be quite honest I don't think our hearts were in it. Rachael has some family issues right now and I have a lot on my mind work-wise, so we spent most of the day talking over our problems rather than taking photos. We did however end up at Maitland where we thought we would re-visit the old church that has been crumbling for quite some time now. We were shocked to find one side and the rest of the roof which was still there a year ago no longer there. The big draw of this place for me were the gorgeous arched doors which are now completely gone. I fancy someone reclaimed them as they were rather lovely. I am so glad we photographed it last year, as it is doesn't even look like the same place now.

Saturday evening was Anne and Smiffy's Summer Solstice BBQ. As always a great do with lots of lovely food and a few drinks. They are busy renovating their place right now and we got to see their new en-suite for the first time, they did a great job on it. I believe the kitchen is next on the agenda.
Having left there late we came home and I was feeling a little queezy. I think as I have been healthy eating for so long now and I OD'd on burgers, cake, beer etc, my body just couldn't handle it. I was up all night in the loo and was pretty sick. Thankfully I think the worst of it has passed now.

Although I didn't attend camera club this week, I was thrilled to find out that I placed first in the black and category of the annual contest...Not only that I was also awarded best in show, the same image out shone every other image submitted, I won tow framed prints of the photo an award plaque and free membership for next year. I cannot remember if I mentioned of not but recently I also won the shield for digital images in at Wincanton club in the UK (of which I am still a member). So all in all a pretty good season for me on the photographic front!

What a difference a year makes! Here's the image I took
 yesterday and below how it looked last year

Praying for Time...It ran out and those lovely doors
are now long gone
Breeze and Wilson performing on Thursday night


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