Sunday, June 15, 2014

Still Here...Just Been Busy!

Apologies for the lack of updates, life/home improvements seem to have been getting in the way of my cyber life! Robert has now finally finished painting the back deck and now has me constantly nagging him to get the front one done. I can safely say that deck painting is officially his most loathed task!

We have put up a shelf up in the laundry room, finished boxing in the bottom of the brick faux chimney wall in the family room, made and easy access panel for turning off the water and kept on top of the weeding and grass cutting...which in itself is quite an achievement. I seeded one of the bald patches out the back and thanks to all the rain we have had this week, it is coming on quite nicely. Now I just need some more for the other larger patch where the kiddies play swing used to be.

The cats are moulting like crazy right now which has heightened my OCD cleaning to insane levels. I feel like I am constantly on fluff patrol. If Robert puts any piece of clothing down for more than 5 minutes it gets washed, as does the kitchen floor randomly every few days.

I feel utterly exhausted. Things are pretty chaotic at work right now, and I feel this obsessive cleaning and tidying is definitely due in part to that and that I need to keep control somewhere.

The mixed weather has meant no photo outings, but next week things are looking up weather wise and socially, so hopefully I should have more to chunter on about.

Big Brother started in the UK...OMG I am loving it of course. I have always and will always be a Big Brother Uber Fan! They have certainly picked well again this year, there are some pretty nasty individuals in there and a couple of (genuine winners in my book). Lets hope good triumphs over evil.

Before I go I would like to wish my dad a Happy Fathers Day!!!!

And finally...I will leave you with a panoramic photo taken on my phone of the back garden...Deck was still in progress then, so things are a bit scattered on it. And some more flower pics taken at the Tangled Garden a couple of weeks ago.

Our Back Yard....Click to view Larger

Muscari...Love these photogenic flowers

Tulip Dream...Some of mine are still in bloom


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