Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gifts and Finally Some Photography

What a week, so busy, mostly because I have now become OCD about keeping my house looking so clean and immaculate, I am actually driving myself slightly mad. Time was up until recently that work was my OCD place, but now that has switched over entirely. Every night I have been busy cleaning or tidying something that I have watched very little television...I know...Shocker! When Rob and I have finally sat down on our new comfy couch and chair, both of us have been so relaxed we have fallen asleep on them every night.
I think everyone who has been to the house now and tried the recliners are in awe of how damn comfy they are. Another note on house things, I didn't realise how much a dishwasher would change my life. Having never had one before, oh the joy of not washing up is just indescribable.

This week Pat our Realtor came round for a visit, she loved the way it looked with all our stuff in situ and also loved the sofa. She brought with her a huge gift basket of goodies, a very personal package, including a pouch and heavy duty tape measure for Rob, Cat treats, Various teas, a Coronation Street book, photo frame, an assortment of crackers and treats plus beer mugs and chocolates. I am pretty sure no Estate Agent in the UK would do that for a client! She also brought with her a handmade sign she had specially made for outside our front door, that says Welcome to the White's...How adorable. Here I think a Realtor is a friend for life not just a business transaction, assuming of course you get a good one.

The long Winter has taken a toll on both our front and back decks, Rob has been busy replacing damaged boards and has now started re staining the back, it looks so good, he is about half way across the back...and that's a lot of deck. We have also just started to put some grass seed down on some bald patches at the back to see if they will fill in. Other than the grass ad the deck, the garden is looking pretty amazing. The previous owners left a load of plants in the planters and borders that have all sprung up since we have finally had some sunny weather, our little herb garden is superb too, the chives and mint are looking and smelling fabulous. Our next door neighbour keeps chatting to Rob (the official gardener now) about things he should and  shouldn't be doing in the garden i.e when he should prune or not prune etc. Rob says he feels like he should have a note pad on him at all times now to take down notes. Anyway he (the neighbour) is going to give us some tomato plants for our vegetable patch and if we play our cards right we might be able to bag some seeds off Anne as well as she said she has some extras. Rob wants to grown corn on the cob...I think he is possibly running before walking, but we'll see.

This weekend Rachael and I headed off to Grand Pre to check out the latest art installation and wander round The Tangled Garden. It was beautifully hot and sunny that I even got a little burned. Below are some photos from that outing as well as a couple of shots from inside the house and our gifts.

Thank you to all of you that sent New Home cards, so sweet and appreciated, they are all displayed in the family room. My friend Lisa asked me if we left the deer behind, sadly we did, but we have inadvertently stumbled into the Raccoon Suburbs now. Rob and I were sat in the front room two nights ago it was dusk and we still had the curtains open, when the biggest, fattest Raccoon sauntered by the front window. He just looked like he was out for an evening stroll.

Apple Blossom Time in the Valley

'Off Key' This year's Art Installation by Nicole Evans
and Pat Farrell 

I am always blown away by the vivid Spring Greens at
 this time of year

Part of our 'Formal Living Room' - Sofa out of view,
double doors lead through to our
den/family room/other living room
Our bedroom, so big that I simply couldn't get it all in frame.
It has two full size windows, his and hers built-in
wardrobes, a door leads out to the deck at the back
and of course 50" of pure pleasure
in the form of my TV hanging on the wall

Our cute little sign and gift basket from Pat


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