Sunday, May 25, 2014

4 Years on and still Blogging

Maritimes Charm
Hard to believe I know,  but today is our 4 year anniversary of landing in Nova Scotia....And it is also our one week anniversary of being in our new home. It's been a frantic week work wise as well as at home, buying a few things we needed and adding finishing touches like hanging pictures etc.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to actually enjoy our first proper weekend in it. Last night we had our first official visitors Anne and Smiffy came round for the tour and a catch up. They kindly gave us a $50.00 voucher for Canadian Tire, which I think I plan on spending on a lamp. They definitely seemed to like the place and Anne paid us the best compliment ever by saying that it looks like a show home...That is a sentence I have never heard before about any place I have been living in! Now I just have to maintain the standard!! We also had a $200 voucher for HomeSense from Rob's boss which was extremely nice. I still have about $100 left on that one to spend.

Rachael popped round this afternoon, she too loved the new furniture and how the place looked with all our stuff in it. Rob and I have been cleaning our old place and getting in ready for inspection later this week in the hope we get our full deposit back. I have a gut feeling that no matter how well we have cleaned it the tight arses will find some way not to pay us back our money. It's a bit different over here to the UK where tenants seem to have all the rights. I know this as we had a dispute a while ago now over a deposit on our place in the UK which went to mediation and we have to give back all but £25 of the money even though the tenant was completely in the wrong and a complete scum-bag! I have to wonder what the heck we pay a property management company for really! They do nothing but cause us grief and keep us in the dark.

So anyway, at least for now we own two properties, one here and one in the UK. I don't know how long that we last, but if times get tough one will no doubt have to be sold to pay for the other one.

Next weekend I plan on getting out with my camera again, it's long overdue. The weather still isn't great hear, quite chilly and grey most days. The garden is waking up though the grass is growing like crazy and the tulips have finally bloomed in my back garden. The previous owners definitely left us some pretty plants and herbs, so not much maintenance needed, which is a good thing in my book.

In other news I am pleased to report that I won the shield trophy for digital prints at Wincanton Camera Club. This was unexpected and pretty amazing considering I am a long distance member now. I was thirlled when they told me, and they kindly photoshopped an old photo of me receiving this years shield which was very funny and not for publication.

I will leave you with some random shots taken a few weeks ago now at Stonehurst (below) and Mahone Bay (top)

The Red House - Stonehurst
View from the end of the peninsular at Stonehurst


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