Sunday, May 4, 2014

How Much Crap?

Sorry, It's been a while, we have been crazy busy here.
Finally the house sale completed, and we got the keys late on Thursday...Not without a hitch of course as the keys we were given wouldn't open the door, so we spent another half an hour waiting for our realtor to drop off another set for us. Since then we...Rob has been loading up the van steadily, and we are slowly clearing the crawl space and basement. It's a slog for sure! It's surprising how much crap we have, even when we totally de-cluttered our lives 4 years ago to emigrate.We aim to get at least one or two loads a day until the 17th when the big stuff moves over with us.

We have started sanding down a few walls and plan on touching up a few areas that need doing. We met one of the neighbours today, very nice old gentleman who is heavily into his gardening and growing all sorts out the back...He tells me his wife is a dab hand in the garden too, so at least I know where to get advise from.

I found some forgotten treasures in the boxes we took over today, it's funny looking at stuff that hasn't seen the light of day since we moved over 4 years ago.

I took a quick time out this morning to pay a return visit to the old decommissioned Saw Mill with the Photo Club. You may remember we went last year and that was the field trip that got me out of my photo slump and into abandoned places. Unlike last year when it was bitterly cold and snowing, today was was one of the nicest Spring days we have had so far. Still no leaves on the trees yet, but I am hoping it won't be long now.

Okay, another day has passed since I started typing this post yesterday. Today we continued to take more stuff over to the house, and started painting. One kitchen wall is now complete (I must mention that we are using the existing colours and paints). The only room that we are covering in a new (bland colour) is the kids room which was blue and yellow. It has now had it's first coat of cream/magnolia. Rachael was our very first visitor, and kindly came over to help us paint...Well I don't think she knew that when she arrived so ended up turning her trousers inside out :o) If Rachael's first impression of the place is anything to go by, I think we did pretty well buying it. She really liked  it, especially the flow of the rooms and the kitchen. Robert also bought a fitted a new toilet, I have a thing about baby height loos here, they are so small and such a long way down. The new one is just a tad higher than the baby one without going to very high disabled size.

Prior to Rachael's arrival, I met the other next door neighbour, She's great, liked her a lot, met her daughter and little dog who's name is Lou...and apparently short for adorable and not a devil at all. I also got a tour of her place and we chatted in her garden for quite a while. Sadly she and her husband have their place on the market and are looking to move into an apartment, so although they are neighbours now, I guess we we will have new ones in the future.

Right now I am completely knackered and my limbs are aching, this out of shape body is not used to all this hard work in one go, I need to have another bath and try and loosen things up a little before the work week starts again....Groan....I will leave you with a couple of photos from the Saw Mill....

In Control

Walter (the name on the hat)


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