Monday, May 19, 2014


So finally it's done! We have officially moved. It's been a long old slog, but I believe today will be the last load that Rob will bring over from the old place to here. The removal men arrived on Saturday morning as I exited the house with two rather disgruntled cats. I made sure they were tucked away in a quiet corner, while the stuff arrived. The whole move only took 2 hours as obviously Rob and I had moved so much of the smaller stuff already. We have been unpacking and finding homes for items non stop for 2 days solid and trust me when I say we are beyond tired. Thankfully it's a long weekend this weekend which has helped a lot.

Prior to the furniture arriving on Saturday, Friday the new sofa and chair was delivered and the cable, phone and Internet were installed...Very important for my sanity! Friday evening we headed out to the shops, as Rob's boss gave us a voucher for HomeSense. I haven't managed to spend it yet, but we did end up buying some bedroom furniture elsewhere, and then by fluke, we passed a furniture warehouse sale...One of those really good sales, where they are clearing out the warehouse of old stock for next to nothing. So we ended up buying a rather nice slate tile coffee and side table for...$150...Bargain!! I was in a bit of a shopping frenzy in there, my legs were working the warehouse like pistons, and with so many bargains in front of me, it was hard to stay even remotely focused. I already had two fat, male, middle aged twins, snatch 2 tables from under my nose, so there was no way I was losing out on the slate tables...I guarded, while Rob went for assistance. He started to wander when he didn't think he could get an assistant, I waved him back into position as if landing a jumbo jet at distance....It was indeed a sight to behold.

So by my reckoning, we should be all ready for visitors by next weekend. Now when are any of you coming from the UK??? I am sorely disappointed in the lack of effort from you!!
That's you all told!

Right, I am off to sort out more clutter.


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