Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ho Ho Holy Crap...It's December

So here we go, head first into dreaded December. I cannot believe that people already have their outdoor Christmas lights and decorations up.

For Christmas Day this year, Robert and I have been invited to Anne's parents place and I am really looking forward to it, from my past visit there back in the Summer I know that Anne's mum is an excellent cook, which will knock spots off any feeble attempt we make at a Christmas dinner at home!

Last night Rob and I went over for dinner and a movie at Anne's which was lovely, and we got to meet her friend Kat, who I liked very much.

This week the weather has turned somewhat chilly as I believe it has in the UK too. On Thursday temperatures with the wind chill were down to minus 10....Brrrrr. That said I think it is due to warm right up again tomorrow.

Everyone seems to be debating what kind of a Winter we will have this year, as the last two have been pretty kind in terms of snow fall. According the the Farmers Almanac, we are in for a bad one, and apparently this is a reliable source. I personally hope the prediction is wrong!

Shakespeare continues to amuse us on a daily basis with his antics. His latest thing is getting in the bathroom sink. He loves it for some reason. I know many cats like sinks, but Shakes takes it one step further, not deterred by the tap running he sits in there getting his bum, tail and feet wet and doesn't seem to mind one bit...Very strange.

He other slightly annoying habit is shredding up the toilet roll. We have to make sure the bathroom door is shut all the time otherwise we find an unholy mess in there!

Nothing much else to report, the weekend has flown by as I have spent most of it on the PC putting together a new website for my brother.

Socially in the next few weeks we have a couple of parties to go to, My works dinner and dance is on Dec 15 and Anne is having an open house on Dec 22....Not sure how I will cope with all this eating and!

Some random images until next week. I thought you might like to see some of the faces I work with and of course Shakespeare in the Sink.

Finally borthday wishes go out this week to my friend Paula and my Godson Joshua! Hope you both have a wonderful day!!!

The front desk girls Left to right: Sarah, Kristen and Tanya

Sink boy!


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