Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bleak Weekend

Well so much for the weather forecast that predicted a sunny and warm weekend, instead it has been foggy gray and damp.

I don't really have a whole lot to write about this week. It was only four days of work thanks to the long weekend last week, but boy those 4 days went slow.

Based on the weather forecast I got up early yesterday and Rachael and I headed out to Ross Farm. Considering it was pretty bleak we did actually spend quite a bot of time there. We were lucky enough to see some Ox getting their pedicures. At one point we were busy taking photos from just outside the blacksmith's door as the chap clipped away at the feet, suddenly and without warning the ox decided it was time for a poo....Out it came at full force, splashing down and bouncing up, Rachael and I copped for some of the blast (only a little thankfully) in our hair and down our was funny.

We went to see the sheep and the pigs in the barn...Rachael didn't last long in there, the fumes were too much for her as she hurried out gagging...which also amused me. We spent much of the time chatting with Matthew, one of the blacksmiths who also runs all their social media online, I have become quite well acquainted with him over my many visits to the farm. I told him about the incident with the ox and he recounted a story from years ago when pant suits were in fashion. A local school came for a visit led by a teacher in a white pant suit, as they watched the ox getting their new feet on, the same thing happened, but she was much nearer the line of fire and apparently the pant suit was completely ruined by the end of the bowel movement. They had to try so hard not to laugh. I am pretty sure I would not have been able to contain myself.

I will leave you with images from the farm yesterday and another brilliant advertisement for a Samsung washing machine I cam across....Enjoy!

Ox Pedi...Stand well back :o)

Gorgeous Lamb, Loved being fussed

Gray day on the Farm

In the Cooperage...He assured us he wasn't depressed :o)

Gray, but none the less picturesque


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