Sunday, May 17, 2015

Long Weekend

So Victoria Day weekend is upon us...Hooray for 3 day weekends.
The weather was spectacular yesterday So Rob and I drove down to the South Shore and visited Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and Blue Rocks & Stonehurst. Definitely my 'go to' places especially when the sun is shining.

I think we discovered the best fudge ever in Mahone Bay, we bought a box of different flavours including Root Beer, Maple Nut and Orange Cream to name a few.
We had a spot of late lunch in Lunenburg at The Grand Banker, our favourite restaurant along the waterfront. All in all it was a lovely relaxing day in the sunshine, something much needed!

Robert has been busy in the garden, as everything is starting to sprout now. We got some new neighbours recently next door, obviously we didn't get to see them much over Winter except when they were behind a snow blower! But now they too are our in the garden most of the time. Cindy is not a big plant fan, something that surprises me, since she and her husband bought a bungalow that was owned by a keen gardener. I have been eyeing up a dwarf weeping willow in that back yard for a while, so I made her an offer, and the deal was done. It is now planted in the front garden where we dug up a rather sad rhododendron bush last year. We also gained a rambling rose. When Cindy said she didn't want it, I jumped at the chance of taking it, as I knew it was the previous owners pride and joy and the colour is my favourite shade of pink. Rob and I are thinking of moving in on her compost next :o) The lawn is looking pretty awful after the all that snow and ice. Not sure it will ever look right this year as there are so many bald and dead patches. We had an area to fill that has no grass at all, the previous site of a kids swing set. So a new flower border is now in place...Now all I need are some plants.

We now have a BBQ thanks to Anne and Smiffy who were getting rid of theirs. So far we have cooked up a storm on it twice, and it's so good to finally have one. I suspect if the sun is back out again tomorrow we might be heading for our third.

Big Brother UK has started....So apologies to those of you who are following me on Twitter as I am tweeting quite a bit about it and also on BB Canada as that is still running for another two weeks.
For those of you that know me as a reality TV junkie, I hope your read the article in the Daily Mail recently which finally vindicated me, as it said that watching reality TV is good for you....I know, weird huh, but apparently it is good on a social level. People that watch are able to analyse people much better in real life, and it keeps the brain sharp tactically.

Here are some images taken yesterday...Click to view large!

Lunenburg Panorama

The Three Sisters, Mahone Bay

My Favourite Place...Stonehurst


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