Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Mates

Another busy week has been an gone, You will all be pleased to hear that I coped very well with covering Arthur's job whilst he was away, even with a few rush jobs coming through, so that was good.

Wednesday I went to camera club, the meeting was inadvertently cut short due to a power cut which was a shame, even worse was the fact that the power was out all the way down Sackville Drive which meant that Tim's had no power either, so we all had to head off to Beaver Bank, to the Tim's there.

Now I don't think I mentioned last week that at my birthday meal, I made a new friend, Melissa. Darryl invited her along, she is new to the camera club and she is such a good laugh. I instantly hit it off with her, she has a wicked sense of humour and likes and dislikes many the things I do. Most of my time in Tim's on Wednesday was spent with her chatting and goofing around. I have sort of hooked her up with Arthur for a date (rather a getting to know you evening), next Saturday, Rob, myself, her and Arthur are going out for a few drinks. Should be fun. Whatever the outcome I know that her and I will be mates for sure.

This Saturday we had Marg and Tom round for Pizza and drinks, it's the first time they have been round to our place as they (and everyone else) always invite Rob and I round to theirs, we thought it was about time we returned the favour. Nice evening, we introduced them to 'An Idiot Abroad'. If you don't know what I am talking about look it up and watch it, it is so funny!

I had my first visit to the dentist this week and let me tell you they were way more thorough than English dentists. The reception area looked much like any other dental surgery, but when I was taken upstairs, it couldn't have been more different. no private rooms, just a lot of cubicles, with so many hygienists and dentists working their magic...and drills. Dr Sharma was mine, a lovely lady, who was very nice. She's going to be keeping any eye on my gums, but as far as my teeth go, still no problems yet. She said I was very rare having no problems at my age which made me feel ultra special, especially as most Canadians think that all Brits have terrible teeth!

The weather this week...Unless it's my imagination, seems to have changed, it seems that we are getting less snow now and the temperatures have been milder, the snow is now turning more to rain. This could signal that we are getting to the end of winter...Perhaps the Groundhog was right?!

Yep, more deer pics, a have a few more yet!

The Birthday meal. Right (front to back) Dave, Darryl, Me, Kevin
Left (front to back) Wayne, Nancy, Rob, Melissa, Barb


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