Sunday, February 6, 2011

Groundhog Day

So this week ironically on Wednesday Shubenacadie Sam the Groundhog predicted an early Spring. I say Ironically as on Wednesday we were in the midst of a Winter storm that headed up from Ontario which dumped approximately 30 cm of snow on us. Surprisingly (or not) Sam the Groundhog didn't see his shadow (most likely he couldn't see his shadow as he was in the middle of a blizzard) and folklore dictates as he didn't see his shadow and run back into his burrow this means and early Spring is on the cards. We can but hope! Apparently the Albino Groundhog Willie from Ontario didn't see his shadow either...maybe that's because he's half blind who knows :o)

So as I mentioned, Wednesday was an extreme weather day, it started out fine, I took the bus, knowing what was to come in the afternoon. The snow started falling earlier than expected and by 1 pm all the malls had closed. After much debate, we left work early, I left at 2.30pm and took the two buses home which took me around an hour and a half. I pretty much looked like a snowman by the time I got back, it was oddly mild though and so peaceful with hardly anything moving on the roads. The snow kept coming until around 8pm. It was predicted to snow all night, but thankfully it stopped. The big clear up started the next day. I got the bus on Thursday as there was no way we were digging the car out in the morning and it just seemed the safer option, but by the end of Thursday everything was back to normal and the snow was mostly cleared from the roads and paths, all that remains now are the huge banks of snow on the sides of the roads.

It hasn't really snowed too much since then, but we had some rain this weekend which has just turned it all into a slushy mess again...This I don't like, I actually prefer the snow.

Today Rob and I headed out to the Maritime Gift Show, a trade show for buyers and sellers in the gift market...So what was I doing there? Well remember the company who licenced my images, they were attending and they invited me along to meet them. Claude and David were both extremely nice, I got to see all of their product range, including postcards, magnets, key rings, bookmarks etc. Claude bought Rob and I lunch and I am happy to report I think they will be using my services in the future as their Maritime Photographer (as and when they need stuff for special custom projects). There could also be some freelance design work down the line as well. I also had a very nice chat with some people from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, who loved the work I showed them, now I don't know if this will lead to anything or not, but they gave Rob and free tickets to the gallery and said we should pay them a visit which we most certainly will. They also said they were convinced that I would make it sooner or later here as a photographer. Finally we headed over to another Artisan Trade Show in the Trade Centre, slightly more high end products, nothing really of interest to me, however I did meet and spend a long time talking with a publisher, who loved my work, I got some advice from him on a couple of things and he seemed keen to help me and he now has my cards should he or his authors need local images for their projects and or design work doing. All in all a good day's networking.

Hamish this week has decided he loves the rucksack I have been taking with me on my bus days. As soon as I come home and empty it, he is straight in it....How cute!!!

I Would like to take this opportunity to wish my friend Lorraine a belated Happy Birthday. So glad you had a wonderful day.

Rob's been busy digging us a pathway, the back alley image
on the right gives a good idea of the depth.

Both Rob and I dug this out, on two seperate ocassions.
This image was taken on Thursday after most people had cleaned off their cars.

Rucksack Cat :o)


Unknown on February 21, 2011 at 11:48 AM said...

Relocating to NS

Hi, I have been reading your blog on and off since late summer 2010, its good to read your experiences of NS forv my own benefit as I am embarking on a similar journey myself looking to relocate to Nova Scotia. Funny to read about Shube Sam - I was just up the road in Elmsdale experiencing the snow storm that same day and driving in it, lol!

When the weather gets warmer a journey worth taking for you both is from Dartmouth up hwy 101 to jct 5 nr Windsor turn right @hwy 14 then left @hwy 215 at Brooklyn, travel on this road usually pretty empty! A fantastic drive along the Fundy Coast/Minas Basin awaits(!), loads of things to photograph. Stop off at Burntcoat Head and Bing's Restaurant in Maitland - great locally produced quality food, then back to Shube and hwy 102/118.

I call in on (smiffy_r) pretty much every day with over 35 webcams over the whole province if you havent seen it already.

Time for me to go out and enjoy the damp UK weather in Grantham, enjoy the snow in Dartmouth if theres any left? and remember you are getting an early spring......!

Cheers for now..(smiffy_r)

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