Sunday, January 30, 2011

Exams and Eagles

So that's another week done and dusted then!
Some good news, Rob passed his practical gas exam on Friday, so that means he has completed the first level in both theory and practical...two more gas to go before he is top of the league! Now he has to tackle the oil level one.

As for me, I have been training in another department at work this week, so when Arthur is away I shall be heading up the large format colour section. There's quite a bit to take in, but I am enjoying the challenge, also means I get to play around in Photoshop and Illustrator which is familiar territory to me, so that's good. I also designed a new layout for the work order forms this week, took me a while, but got there in the end, we are trialing them to see how they compare to the old ones.

Today Rob and I headed out to see the Eagle Watch, I have never seen so many bald eagles in one place before, there must have been about 50 or more of them in the trees...trouble is that's where they stayed for most of the morning, sussing out the hoards of photographers lining the edge of the field. Eventually though they got moving and came out swooping over the chickens that had been put out for them, it was quite amazing to watch them all in flight. Sadly my lens really isn't up to the job so the images I have posted here are about the best I got, and they are heavily cropped. It was a beautiful sunny day and the temperature even though it was minus 5, felt so warm.

Fly by

Claws down and ready for Chicken

Quite amazing!


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