Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Plus Side...

..The Minuses aren't that Bad

Well for those of your tuning in for this update you will be a bit disappointed. It's a slow news week for sure, we have done nothing all week, the weather has been all over the place. Friday was the last day we had some snow, it was predicted that we were going to get about 10 cm in the city, but it was more like 4 cm which came down fast and heavy in the afternoon, but then turned to rain at around 4.30 pm, which then turned all the new snow and existing snow into a big, slushy mess. It rained for hours and pretty much all the snow has gone now, but what remains are ice patches everywhere where the rain water re-froze.

This week we had some new fencing put up round the back of our place, the old one had been there since the ark and I think our row was the last to be upgraded. Unfortunately they cut down our tree out the back, we hung our bird food on it so that Hamish was had some entertainment, so we just had to invest in a bracket and a bird feeder just so that he doesn't get bored :o)

Today was the coldest day of the Winter so far, so of course we headed out early this morning to see how cold it really was...Tracksuit trousers under our jeans, two coats, hoods up, ear muffs on and away we went. We met up with Nancy and Cheryl to take some early morning photos around Halifax, but the light and sunrise were sadly disappointing, so we treated ourselves to a big breakfast which was definitely worth stepping out for. The actual temperature today was -12 degrees. Tomorrow it is supposed to be -15 degrees, so that should be interesting trying to get the car doors open in the morning. Having had my hood up and ear muffs on for hours, I couldn't possibly remove them as my hair was like 'helmet head' underneath, which prompted me to mention that I looked like Kenny from South Park, which both Rob and I found hilarious, as did the girl on the checkout in Canadian Tire when I mentioned it to her.

On Friday next week Rob is taking his Gas Tech 3 practical exam and on the weekend I am hoping to get out to see the annual eagle watch (weather depending), it's an early start event (groan), but supposedly worth the effort. Other than that, nothing much else planned. My winter news is pretty lack lustre, I do apologise, but I think everyone (not just us) is in hibernation mode right now.

Some more winter scenery from last weekend...Click to view larger

Halifax waterfront, taken early this morning

And finally...Thank god our roads are like this! This was featured on the news this week.


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