Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let it Snow

You will all be pleased to hear that this week saw me don my snow clobber. Big coat, boots and grippers, plus ear muffs and mittens. We had our first proper winter storm. The forecast was for 20 cm of snow, but in reality we got around 15 cm, the valley got more than us. It certainly came down though, the build up of snow was rapid and driving conditions were a tad tricky...Not that I was driving. I knew what it was going to be like and opted for the bus. Going to work was fine, very mild and way too hot for my coat. But coming home was quite another story, blizzard-like conditions, and the buses were running late, which saw me standing for about 40 minutes in the driving snow...Not pleasant it must be said. The backs of my legs took the brunt of it and were soaked through by the time I got on the bus. Even though I was wet around the legs, I have to say all in all it wasn't that bad...If this is the worst kind of weather it's not half as bad as I thought.

Nothing much to report this week, I do have amendment to last weeks post though. Rob hasn't lost any hours at UHaul as he first thought, they just didn't put him on the rota for last Monday. Rebecca (my pretty model) left our branch this week to go and work in Dartmouth branch. I shall miss her, but will keep in touch.

Rob and I took a drive out to the valley today to take a look at the ski facilities at Martock (about 50 minutes way from us). It was certainly busy. I think I saw more people there in one place than I have done all year anywhere. You can ski there all-in with rentals and passes for approximately $50 a day. The scenery all around the are was very pretty in the snow and it was nice to finally get out again with the camera as I have been in hibernation mode for a few weeks now.

Sheep in the cold

Pretty scenery in Martock

Another abandoned homestead

Skiing in Martock...No way you would get me up there!


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