Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wet Wet Wet!

Not really too much to report this week. The biggest news is the start of The Apprentice for me! So good to see Sir Al back on the TV. A great start to the series with the usual bunch of hopefuls and ego's all in the same room. I already desperately want Edna out!!

The other major TV event this week was Eurovision. As you all know I am a big nut for Eurovsion and the madness that goes with it. some pretty decent songs all in all this time round with just a sprinkling of crazy from Moldova! My personal faves were Iceland, Romania and Spain who didn't really do very well at all. I actually thought Jedward (the ADHD twins) did a surprisingly good job and Blue put in an okay performance for the UK, but it was obvious it wouldn't win. As for the winner, Azerbaijan...instantly forgettable!

So enough of that, what can I tell you from this end...Well the weather is the big topic of conversation over here, it has literally done nothing but rain for nearly 4 weeks now, I think in total we have seen the sun twice in all that time and it is really getting everyone down. Of course the UK has been having lovely weather and boy do I envy you that. We just hope that the crappy Spring will bring a decent Summer.

Obviously as the weather has been so rubbish we haven't really been anywhere or done anything. However we did venture out last night with Melissa for fish and chips at Wharf Wraps, it been a while since we have been down there and it didn't disappoint.

Next weekend is a a bank holiday weekend, so fingers crossed we get some good weather and hopefully I will have more to report.

One odd thing I have noticed since the wet weather started is the amount of worms everywhere, they all look pretty pale and skinny and are literally all over the car park here and on the pavements. Not really sure why that is unless the ground is still so hard underneath and the rain has just washed them out?

Halifax Skyline taken under a murky sky last night.


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