Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Right Royal Week

So I am guessing that most of you tuned, at least in part to the Royal nuptials on Friday. I am not really a Royalist but I have to say I thought it looked amazing and can only help the UK's battered image right now. The TV coverage over here was excellent, so much of it and so well done. I thought that the Abbey looked spectacular and the different camera views of it were incredible. I just hope the press don't try and turn her into a Diana now. Sister Pippa for me, stole the show in her elegant, classic dress. As a mark of me being a Brit I wore my Union Jack socks to work on Friday much to everyone's amusement. I actually got to see the wedding before heading to work because of the time difference.

I don't really have much news this week, as the weather has pretty much stopped play all week. Mostly rain until yesterday. Last night Rob and I went over to Melissa's for a few beers and a pit fire. We did intend to go out today but it is rather gray and looks likely to rain.

I do have a couple of observations though. If you remember back along I was giving off sparks with the amount of static coming off me. I have shocked almost everyone in the last few months, from customers and colleagues to the cat. Well finally it seems to stopped. I believe the whole shocking experience was due entirely to the weather and the lack of humidity in the air. Now Spring is here and the humidity is back on the climb I am no longer affectionately known as the "Human Capacitor".

Rob and I have also been suffering with itchy skin, again die to the dryness of winter, we now have some really good medicated body moisturizer, which is helping no end. It's funny when you think about moving overseas probably the last thing that crosses your mind is itchy skin and static in the winter months!

The Mackay Bridge which I cross every morning on my way to work

Stonehurst Cove...Red white and Blue!

Shingles of all shades taken at Annapolis Royal


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