Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Yes it's the long weekend finally, here's wishing you all a Happy Easter.

As for me, well as you can imagine I have been taking advantage of the weather and the holiday. Rob and I headed out on Friday to Digby and the surrounding area. We haven't been there since we were on holiday over here back in 2005. The journey takes about 3 hours from where we live, broken up of course, by Tim's stops for tea and donuts!

On route we stopped a place called Annapolis Royal. Neither of us had been to this spot before and it is now in my top ten. It's like a mini Lunenburg, with some gorgeous houses and a real old world feel. The place was deserted but for a handful of people. We spared a thought for you all in the UK with the bank holiday traffic! I think we saw about as many cars as people all day which amounted to one or two!

We also stopped at Bear River, another place I was itching to get back and photograph. It's actually a Mik'Maw, first nation community, very pretty once again, and the main buildings across the bridge are all on stilts.

The day was a long one and we didn't get back till gone 8.30pm, so I was pretty out of it all today. I was supposed to be going out with Melissa but she called and canceled as she too was tired.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out locally in the late afternoon as we are due some rain in the morning. So I thought I should update this now while I had a few moments.

By the time I update the blog again there will be a new royal in the family. Enjoy the bonus day off!

Colourful Muskoka chairs at Annapolis Royal

Picturesque homes at Annapolis Royal

Bear River


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