Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halls Harbour

Here we again, Sunday and I have been catching up on correspondence. The time has just flown by and I thought I had better post a quick update.

Not much to report this end, the weather has been up and down all week, sunny one day, rainy the next. I think the temperatures are still a tad on the cooler side than what they should be for right now and I must say I have been envying the lovely hot temperatures you have been having over in the UK.

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching and the TV coverage and pre-amble is reaching fever pitch here. So funny. I think the Canadians (and Americans) are far more into our Royal Family than we are! I am sure you will all be glued to the occasion on the TV!!!

My server has broken here and Clive has been advising us on how to fix it. It's in a repair shop right now, and they are doing a quote on what it would cost to fix it this end...Money we simply don't have right now, so hopefully with the parts we have here we will be able to patch it up.

Took a trip out with Melissa yesterday to Halls Harbour. I had not been there before, so another first for me. Lovely little spot. The tide was out, and I will definitely be heading back that way to get some more shots of it when the tide is in.

Halls Harbour...Of Course there is a red hut there!

Low Tide at Halls Harbour

One more shot from the trip out last week at Burntcoat Head


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