Sunday, April 10, 2011

Burncoat Head

Sunday again...I have no idea where the time goes, but I do know I spend most of Sundays playing catch-up before starting a whole new week. The weather here this weekend has been beautiful. Sadly though I think rain and plenty of it is on the cards for this week.

I am pleased to say that I sold another licence for one of my images this week. A chocolate company in Newfoundland found me online and requested to use one of my Peggy's Cove images for their chocolate boxes. I think it was a one off, but it would be nice if they found them needing more images in the future.

Rob and I attended the camera club on Wednesday night and did some catching up with people. Plans were made for an outing on Saturday, which I went on yesterday. It was a full day, which meant an early start (groan) and we visited some Belgian Show horses, then headed on to some of the more rural parts of the Truro area. I had the opportunity to pop in on Shady Lane Farm, one of my favourite places, where Rob and I stayed before we moved out here. I finally got to drop in and say hello, which I have been meaning to do for quite sometime now, plus I got to take some more photos of this wonderful place. Sadly they are no longer running the bed and breakfast there. Betty and John's Son and wife now live in the house at the top of the farm where we stayed.

We then headed to a place called Burntcoat Head. A new place for me, situated on the Fundy Shore Line, famous for it's high tides and red mud! Very similar to the Hopewell Rocks on the New Brunswick side of the water. We stayed there until sunset, and we weren't disappointed. In the time that we where there the tide went out completely so that you could walk on the seabed across to the rocky island. Quite incredible the speed at which the water recedes.

Shady Lane Farm

Sunset at Burntcoat Head

Just another old barn along the way


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