Monday, August 22, 2011

Slightly Underwhelmed

Apologies for the delayed update, I don't really have much to report.
This past week was hot, hot, hot all week, definitely a nice time to be in our air conditioned office and definitely not a nice time to be in my hot house...My god has it ever been unbearable at home. Rob and I have both had trouble sleeping in the heat, me more so than him, and this whole week has left me tired, slightly sick and underwhelmed in general.

On the hottest continuous week so far this year, Rob completed his very first full week of employment! He also did a shift at UHaul on Sunday.

As for me I went out with fellow photographers on another model shoot. Trouble was it was scheduled for 1.30pm kick off, it couldn't have been a worse time to be out in the heat. The humidity was so bad, my head leaked like a running tap, still we kept going each and every one of us lacking inspiration and wishing the day would end, but then we got to the beach and oh that welcome breeze. I even waded in the sea, it was cold, but oh so good. I finally got home at around 8.30pm last night, and didn't have anything left in me to write an update.

Sad news today in politics here. Jack Layton leader of the NDP (the opposition party) and the most charismatic politician of the bunch died aged 61 after a long battle with prostate cancer. He stepped down I think it was last month, as leader of the NDP to battle the disease and had hoped to be back on the job in September but sadly he didn't make it. I think they will be hard pushed to find someone as likable as him as a replacement.

Fellow photographers reading this...That's you Rob Cochran! Might be pleased to hear that I have met the renown Canadian photographer Sherman Hines, he comes in for printing jobs every now and again. Currently I have some of my images up on a big screen display in store rotating round in slide show. Well he told me how much he admired my work! Coming from him, that's quite the compliment. He asked me about my processing techniques and thought he might pick up a trick or two in that department. Before Rob and I lived here we visited the Sherman Hines Museum in Liverpool, well worth a visit if you are ever passing that way.

Who knows one day I might have my own museum :o)

Jessica looking sexy in the sand dunes.

Yes, we found yet another really impressive graffiti backdrop.
Click images to view larger.

Happy on the tracks. There's something pretty exciting
about taking images on these tracks as it is a working railway
route, and at any moment a train came come along. This
particular location is about a 5 minute walk from my house.


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