Thursday, August 4, 2011

Natal Day and Thunderstorms

I am updating the blog a little earlier this week as I have plans for the weekend and it looks like it's going to be a hot one...Thank god is all I can say to that as on Wednesday night we had one of the worst storms yet. Absolutely no fun for yours truly, just 5 hours of shear hell as the thunder and lightening sent me into freefall. I actually felt physically sick with my nerves! At one point the Lightening struck literally just outside our house, at which point I think I nearly fainted and Rob couldn't really cope with me I had little or no sleep and my eyes felt like they were hanging out of their sockets the next day.

Fortunately the rest of the week, prior to this was superb, so I'll move swiftly on to the fun things, like last Sunday, where I left off in the last post.

Rob and I headed off to the free concert, it was so hot outside, we sat and watched the early acts, Some folk music in the form of Old Man Luedecke who was surprisingly enjoyable followed by some rock from a woman called Carmen Townsend...who wasn't really my cup of tea and reminded me very much of Catatonia!

Then finally the wait was over, enter Steven Page. I had some reservations as to what it would be like seeing him without the rest of the band, but I certainly need not have worried, his performance was cracking and he sung plenty of the old BNL tunes to keep me singing along and added in a bit of that famous humour. I have been on a bit of high ever since actually. I took a ton of photos as I barged my way to the front at the start of the show. Had no clue what settings I needed as it was dark, but managed to get a few good ones including the one featured at the top here. I have loved BNL since my dear friend Paul Byrne introduced me to their music back in 1992 on a trip to Toronto. I have seen them twice live in the UK and couldn't wait to move over here thinking that I would get so see them more when they toured....and then the unthinkable happened...They broke up! Is that the definition of irony I wonder?

Robert was surprised at how many older people were there (when he said older he meant 40 plus) to see Steven play....I had to remind him that fans grow older with the artists...including him and I!

At 10 pm, Steven stopped singing just for a bit while the fireworks display illuminated the sky. It was impressive seeing them launched from the bridge, they only do it that way every few years.

Then it was back on with the singing. It think it ended around 11.15pm in the end, by which time we had been there for about 6 hours.

Sunday the weather was again lovely and we took a drive out around the Blandford Peninsular, there's a few spots (one in particular) that I hadn't visited since before we became residents. Northwest Cove is the place and it's a very pretty spot.

That I think about brings you up to date. Just want to wish my father a Happy Birthday for next Tuesday!!

Natal Day Fireworks

Fox Point

Northwest Cove...Notice that fog bank just out at sea?


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