Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slow News Week

Definitely not much to report this week!
Last Sunday Rob and I took a drive out (finally) to Peggy's and Prospect. I have definitely been getting withdrawal symptoms as I hadn't been there this year.
We left around 4.30 pm and headed to Prospect first. This place never disappoints! I always come back with shots that are different, even though the location is always the same. We met a nice woman there also taken a few photos, she walked up to me and said jokingly, "Just look at it, another ugly part of Nova Scotia", I replied, "yes I know, such a blot on the landscape, I don't know how people can live here". After that funny icebreaker, we got chatting for quite sometime, she had recently moved to Quebec and was here helping her sister move into a new place, neither of them had seen much of the Province, and I was more than happy to fill her in on a few places she should definitely see.

Afterwards we headed on to Peggy's and what a beautiful evening, we spent a long time there, having tea on the deck of the coffee shop and enjoying the relaxed feel of the place, most of the tourist buses had gone for the day and it's definitely the best time to enjoy this spot. When we did eventually wander out onto the rocks, I bumped into the lady from Prospect again, and also got chatting with a nice man from the States. There's something quite surreal about mooching around that lighthouse and chatting with folk, like you have bumped into an old friend at the supermarket :o)

This weekend is a Bank Holiday (Natal Day). There is much going on around the city, but so far I have done nothing! Yesterday was a washout, we had rain and more thunder storms all day, many of the events were cancelled sadly. As soon as Rob gets home from work today we are off out (the sun is shining again...hooray) and we are going down to Alderney Landing where there is a free concert. The best part about that is, Steven Page is headlining...If you don't know who he is, he was one of the lead singers of my all time favourite band, The Barenaked Ladies...So I am excited.
The fireworks have been postponed until tonight, so I shall be off to my usual spot to try and capture those.

Hoping to get out somewhere tomorrow, not sure yet, but the weather is again supposed to be hot and sunny, I almost feel a beach day beckoning.

Prospect Colours

A Postcard from (Foggy) Stonehurst

Ahh Peggy's

Foggy Fishing Day at Blue Rocks


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