Sunday, July 3, 2011

Variety is the Spice of Life!

It's been a shot, long week this week. It was a Bank Holiday on Friday (for Canada Day) so only the 4 days of work to contend with thankfully as last weekend left me pretty knackered. I think I left off in my last post telling you that we were going out for another 'Trash the Dress' photo shoot on the Sunday, the weather looked highly suspect and none of us had high hopes that we would be going anywhere, but as luck would have it the sun broke through around 10 am and my god was it hot! We have 4 models this time, two of which were hell bent on partying all day with a box of wine which made for some interesting photos later in the day.

We started off downtown and then ended up at Rainbow Haven Beach which is beautiful and only half an hour away from our house). Yet another reason you should come to Nova Scotia, there's plenty of beaches and when the weather is like it is now, I think it could rival any beach holiday desination). There was a lovely breeze on the beach and I didn't realise how burnt I was getting, so come Monday I looked like a lobster.

The weather has continued to be great all week and all weekend, blazingly hot!
On Friday Rob and I checked out the annual Pow Wow on the Commons. It's an event celebrating our Native American culture and people. There's food, entertainment and stalls selling native art. When we arrived there wasn't much going on and the dancing didn't start until the evening, so we decided to head off and go to Grand Pre in the valley. I had been wanting to go and see this year's art installation by Nicole Evans and Patrick Farrell (remember Door 17 from last year?) Nicole got in touch with me recently and requested some prints of the image I took last year. So I took them with us, but sadly she was out. She loved the prints and wants to meet up in the near future. I loved this year's doors, and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next year.

In the evening we headed back to the Dartmouth waterfront to watch the fireworks, although not arranged a few of the usual camera club suspects we there doing the same thing.

Saturday, I didn't do a whole lot as Rob was working, but in the evening we headed back to the Pow Wow to watch the dancing. It was a a sea of colour and quite the spectacle. I would definitely go again. After that I had the urge for a Chinese take away (it's been a long time since I had one), so we got one from a place near us, and let me tell you it tasted sooooo good! It's hot again today, so as soon as I have finished this I am off outside.

Belated birthday wishes to my friend Kim. Hope you had a wonderful day.
And also belated Canada Day wishes to all my Canadian friends!

Lots of images today...apologies!

Jessica Left, April jumping on the right (very Riverdance)
Click on any of these to view larger

Postcard Girl

Happy and Rebecca

Perfect model pose!

Door Steps

A whole lot of feathers!

Definitely a colourful spectacle!


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