Sunday, July 10, 2011

Just Chillin'

A relaxed week this week not only at work but at home too. Now the end of the month billing is over and Summer seems to be in full swing, the pace has slowed. The weather has been reaching the 90's this past week (thank god for the new air con at work). In our house it's been like a ruddy sauna! Sleeping has been difficult to say the least. If the temperature outside is 90 I swear it must be around 120 uptairs in our bedroom.

Wednesday night I met up with some of the girls, Nancy, Cheryl and Suzanne at Second Cup in Bedford, a very chilled evening, lovely in the eveing sun outside. I picked the loaction, not only for the outside seating but because they do the best Mango Chillers. I am hoping to get to the cinema next week with a couple of them to see the film Bad Bosses. I quite fancy it from the trailers.

I have pretty much been camera free this weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday still editing the endless shots from the last model shoot and last night Rob and I went out with Darrel, Melissa and some others to a place called The Shore Club in Hubbards which is about 40 minutes out of town heading towards Peggy's Cove.

I have been through and past Hubbards before, but didn't realise there was more to it. It has a beach I have not seen yet, some great holiday lets and of course The Shore Club...Which, it says on the door has been serving fresh Lobster dinners since 1936. Not that I would be remotely interested in that as I don't eat seafood. But what a pretty spot right on the water. We were there to see a band called Shameless. They were pretty good, plenty of songs from the past, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Garth Brooks and more. The dance floor was pretty packed and the place was very hot with all the bodies in there, but the beer was way cheaper than in the city!

Nancy and I are comtemplating heading to the beach later, we have held off so far as there is a fair amount of breeze today, so we are waiting to see if it hots up some more. In the meantime I think I shall get outside and do some gardening and catch a few rays!

On the down side this week, my earwigs are back! There don't seem to be quite as many of them so far, but I am none to happy about it.

In the meantime untill I dust off the camera again, here are some more images of the girls. I quite fancy trying to make some money doing natural outside portraits now...Do you think I'd be any good?

April, looking alluring and demure

Jessica having fun with bubbles...Not MJ's Chimp

Whistful shots of Happy and Rebecca


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