Sunday, July 17, 2011

Retail Therapy & Rural Charm

Another week and another update.
The weather has been somewhat mixed this week with some rain and some really hot weather. Today is really lovely, so I shall make this entry brief as I want to be outside and not stuck on the computer.

Tried to go to the cinema this week on cheap Tuesday, but even though we all got there early, the film was sold out on both showings and it was heaving with people...A very strange sight, so many people in one place, not very common here especially at Dartmouth Crossing. Whenever we have been there before there is never anyone around, but Tuesday there were cars everywhere.

With that plan scuppered, Rob, myself, Cheryl and Deb went to Tim's instead...I bet you knew I was going to say that!

Thursday Rob and I went up to Canadian Tire to check out some Cheap plastic Muskoka Chairs for the back yard, they were on special at £15 each, however, once inside the Aladdin's Cave of Patio Furniture I ended up being drawn to a small table and chairs that were much better quality and still at a good price. The table was $35 and the chairs $25 each. I am very pleased with them. You can actually blame Hamish for this purchase as he goes outside for walkies everyday now on his new retractable lead, and we got fed up with standing out there!

Hamish has almost turned into a dog now, he waits for his lead to be put on and has a little routine going, sometimes he gets adventurous and walks the length of the back alley, and sometimes he ventures out and around the back into the wooded area...but never without one of us in tow.

I have my first appointment next Friday with the physio people to get my back sorted, I can't say I am looking forward to it, but it needs to be sorted out as the pain is really bad every day now.

I ventured out yesterday with Cheryl, Suzanne, and Deb on a little outing, the intention was to take some photos at New Ross Farm, but sadly the weather let us down in the morning, so we ended up driving around a lot, and snapping a few rural scenes when the weather perked up, having some lunch and shopping in Frenchy's (a second hand clothing store) for some more dresses for our next outing in August with our models. It was a nice day and the girls are such fun to be around. Most of the day was spent around Berwick and New Minas, where I discovered there is a Drive-In movie theatre, something I definitely want to re-visit in the future.

Last night was a late one as we went over to Melissa's for her birthday bash, great company and a fire pit, I have a bit of a thick head this morning!

An old image from New Ross Farm...Last time I was there it rained too

Two trucks, one back yard!

Old Barn and truck that's seen better days!

The view from where we had lunch yesterday

Rustic Charm


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