Saturday, July 23, 2011

Critters and a Sporty Ride

So the sun almost shined all week here, we had a thunderstorm mid week, which of course I found terrifying! But' let's begin with last Sunday.

Robert and I took a drive out late afternoon to Hubbards...My new place for wanting a holiday home! There are some really cute cottages on the waterfront there and a really pretty little beach, lovely evening, but my photos weren't panning out the way I had hoped. We drove round the inlet back onto the main road so I could try my luck from the other side. I found a neat little path in the grass down to the waters edge, I got ready to take my first shot and heard a rustling in the reads in front of me...instantly I thought snake, but no, out popped this beaver-like looking critter, I shrieked, it looked worried and we both hopped it in different directions. Anyone watching this would have found it hilarious to say the least. I later found out that the critter was a Muskrat. So much new wildlife roaming around to contend with here. Our neighbours accidentally hacked up a snake in the grass last week with the trimmer...but you will be pleased to hear there are no poisonous snakes around these parts, they are mostly harmless Garter snakes (my dad could tell you a tale about one of those!)

Didn't really do anything else all week, Rob worked Saturday and Nancy and I decided to take a trip out, we headed for all the great spots along the South Shore. The weather was super sunny and we had the top down on her sporty BMW, needless to say it was a tad tricky getting in and out of it and my hair looked like a ball of fuzz with the wind blowing through it :o)

Nancy and I have a thing for photographing Muskoka Chairs. They are so typical of this area and so colourful. We found this incredible jetty with the perfect chairs, we got chatting to the owner of the jetty and the house opposite, her name is Cheryl and she was so nice. As you will see from the images below the light and weather was superb...however, by the time we had left Cheryl, her mum, the neighbour Hal and Schooner the dog and got to Stonehurst Cove, the fog had come in big time and our images took a different turn.

Nancy hadn't been to Stonehurst before so it was fun showing her one of my favoutire haunts.
After Stonehurst we headed around to Blue Rocks, the fog was now a real 'pea souper' and it started to rain. So we headed back into Lunenburg for a spot of lunch and a few more photos.

Saturday evening Rob and I finally got to the cinema, it was again massively busy, but having booked online we went straight in. Horrible Bosses was the film and I thought it was great, Kevin Spacey was pretty horrible in it, but I still love him! It really made me laugh in quite a few places.

Just heard about Amy Winehouse dying. Bit of a shocker, but then not altogether surprising given her drug issues. Such a waste of talent and only 27. The other shocking news was the terrible events in Norway this weekend, how utterly awful! Not a place one thinks of where things like that happen.

Fox Point (Near Hubbards)

A beautiful morning with the wind in my hair

Cheryl's Jetty at Madders Cove...How pretty!!!!

Getting Foggy...yes about an hour after the photo above

And the fog got thicker...


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