Monday, September 12, 2011

Late again!!

Sorry to my regular Monday morning readers...Sylvie! I just didn't have time yesterday to write anything as I was out most of the day.

Nancy and I went...drum roll Farm. Yes are you all getting a feeling of Deja vu? Nancy hadn't been there in years and I so wanted to go back and take some more photos...and see my cat of course.

As soon as we got there, the man who brings out the cows said to me (I must have one of those unforgettable faces) Your cat's gone. He told me someone else had taken a shine to him and taken him home. He said he thought I would be back and was gutted I was two days too late. Let me tell you, I was not best pleased!

Of course it didn't stop me fussing the other kittens at the barn. Hence this seems to be the special cat edition!!

I have actually been up to other stuff since my last update, Last weekend on the Bank Holiday, Rob and I went to Pictou, I had fond memories of staying there a few years back when we caught the ferry over to PEI. However, having gone back there, I am not entirely sure what I was thinking at the time. It's a very small, blink and you miss it place, and the waterfront area is quite nice, but that's about it. The surrounding area is very pretty though. We visited a Lavendar farm, I was scouting for photography opportunites next year. after that we headed to a provincial park called Caribou Island. Very nice indeed. The weather was scorching and the beaches there were pretty much empty with just a few people scattered around and as it was so nice we decided to take the plunge in the sea. It was a tad cold at first but then so welcoming! We had a picnic (of sorts) on the beach and laid in the sun for possibly too long as I burned yet again!

We also got to catch up with friends from the UK this week. Elaine Fraser and her partner Ian are visiting for a couple of weeks touring around the Province. We had the chance to take them out for the now famous fish and chips of course! Great to see her! Now I would have some photos of her and Ian, but sadly Elaine forgot to bring her camera out and I didn't realise I didn't have a card in my camera. Not bad for two members of the Wincanton Camera Club! How damn annoying is that!!!! I took one photo on my phone and now have no clue how to get it off the phone...I hate mobile phones!

TV...Strictly! It's almost back, as is Dancing with the Stars, I have to say the line up for the UK looks so good, I think there will be a couple of dark horses in there the only downside is Lulu is part of the line up. Words cannot describe how I feel about her. We will now sadly be subjected every Saturday to her slipping in and out of that Scottish accent that she does all the time...Grrrr

Big Brother USA reaches the final this week, that's been a real filler for me, and oh joy BB UK is back on Cahnnel 5, I am pleased to day it is already shaping up better than the really bad celebrity version prior to the non celebs going in. I am hooked it's offical. Thank you Channel 5 for not letting me go without.

Righty ho, that's about it I think. Have a lovely week everyone. The sun is still shining here.

There will be no updates for a couple of weeks now as I am off on a jolly with my dad. I cannot believe it's been nearly a year since I have seen him.

In the words of Arnie...I'll be back!

Two adorable fluff balls at the farm, Crusty on the right...
So called now by me as he has terrible crusty eyes, so much so Nancy and I went and washed him off...I do like him...and then there's Bowie with white half brother of
my cat. I named him Bowie has he has one blue eye and one green eye. These little cuties need homing before the winter.

The Beautiful Lake at Ross Farm

The Barn and the Cottage

Pictou Lighthouse. I fulfilled my quota of lighthouses last
weekend with Caribou Island and Pictou.


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