Sunday, February 19, 2012

No News Week

Well, what can I say, this week has been pretty uneventful to say the least.
Work and pretty much nothing else. I seem to have gone into hibernation mode this week and watching more TV that usual which is a feat in itself.

Weather-wise it has been pretty nice actually, a little bit of snow here and there but is disappears as soon as it arrives, I sincerely hope this continues.

Survivor started it's new season this week and The Voice is all ready up and running, so I have some reality TV to keep me going.

The bus drivers are still on strike and waving every day, who knows when they will be back. They can't go on indefinitely as they get literally no money on strike pay. I heard that there is one couple amongst the strikers, I cannot imagine how they are paying their bills with both of them on the picket line.

Rob and I went to Camera Club on Wednesday night to catch up with Nancy and the others but didn't go to Tim's afterwards. I have committed to adding some of my images to a display in the library. It was recently renovated and are displaying work from club members on a permanent basis, I shall be submitting around six images for rotation at the next meeting.
Let's hope I have something more eventful for you in next weeks news. I am off out now to get some petrol and have a mooch around Dartmouth Crossing (Our nearest shopping park).


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