Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Brand is Born

Another pretty slow news week sadly. Doesn't make for a riveting read!

The weather has been okay, only a dusting of snow here and there, we were on the edge of a big storm coming in, but it hit New Brunswick mostly, we just got the high winds and some rain. I must admit I wouldn't want to live in New Brunswick, they seem to get hammered with snow. I remember last Winter they had tons of the stuff and we, in comparison didn't have much at all.
Here's hoping this weather trend continues. Who knows if this keeps up I may start venturing out of hibernation.

Those Metro Transit folk are still on strike. I am baffled as to why there isn't more effort being made to get them back around the negotiating table. I think it's been a month or more now.

Heard in the news this week that Mayor Peter Kelly will not be running for re-election this time round. He seems to have quite a bit of scandal surrounding him right now with regards to a friends' Will he is the executor of, he has been dragging his heels in sorting it out and the flack he has received seems to be the last straw for him. Apparently there are 4 candidates for the post when it comes to voting, but I have no clue who they are...yet!

Something observational now, that I have been meaning to mention for ages. When we first moved here I noticed so many places sporting the sign 'Donairs' I kept saying to Rob, what the heck is a Donair? Well it's obvious if you haven't worked it out already, it's a Donar Kebab also known round these parts as Spiros. I have had many conversations debating the word Donair with people and I even googled it. The Donar Kebab goes back centuries and is known by all sorts of names around the world including Spiro...BUT there is no mention of Donair. My conclusion rightly or wrongly is that someone somewhere thought Donar was too difficult of a word, and extended it to Donair and it stuck? Still makes me laugh every time I see a sign though.

Back to this week and the only thing worth mentioning is that Cheryl and Deb came round on Friday to finalize discussions on the logo for our photography venture. It has been difficult determining what look it should have, especially with 3 creative minds inputting ideas. But finally we have a simple logo and tag line that hopefully describes the venture. Next on the agenda is the website, cards and the all important pricing. All of which we have started but have yet to finish. I believe Deb already has a client lined up looking for Trash the Dress images to be taken, so we could be off to a good start.

It's Cheryl's birthday on Tuesday and some of the girls including myself will be out on Monday night at a Thai restaurant to celebrate.


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