Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning the Lingo

Well this week has been a week of mixed fortunes for sure!

On Monday night I went out with some of the girls to celebrate Cheryl's birthday in Downtown Halifax at a Thai restaurant. The food was amazing I must say and far better than any other Thai food I have eaten before. It was a great night and I was hoping to have a photo to post, but sadly Julie hasn't sent me them yet.

It's that time of year again when everyone here is doing their taxes. Rob has been busy for weeks collating all our information, most of it was pretty straight forward, we had to submit our T4's (P60's) for yearly earnings and then account for all the other stuff, including our house in the UK and sundry things we can claim on like health care, prescriptions etc. We headed off to the H & R block on Tuesday night and got the tax returns done. What we were not expecting was a tax bill at the end of it for $900 which we don't have! Last year we got money back, mostly because we hadn't worked a full year and we spruced up the house before we left, so on paper we made a loss with it. This year we showed a profit, even though we make no money out of the rental and it goes back into the mortgage. Total bummer.

So it looks like we will be back in poverty for a while now as we have some other hefty bills coming up, including a major car service and Hamish's check up.

On another down side, the brand that was born last week has died a death already. Cheryl just didn't really like the whole TriCreative thing and has opted for something completely different. As yet I am not sure what it will be but she was thinking either Ying and Yang or Belladonna. The creative side of it will be up to her now, which I am happy to let go of to be honest.

On the upside this week because the company I work for was bought out by a larger national company, there has been much talk of why the old Wade People (me included) are not on the same terms as the rest of the company when it comes to holiday entitlement. This has now been fixed so instead of the standard 2 weeks, I now get 3 weeks, which is much better obviously! There aren't many places around here, unless you work in government or teaching where you would get more than two weeks to start with and you have to work a good few years before it goes up to 3 and even more years to get to a maximum of 4.

Finally, I learned some Newfie lingo this week from Sarah at work. Streel...means Minger and my favourite...Twackin'...This means to go shopping but not buy anything, just window shop at stuff you can't afford. I seem to go Twackin' alot!

Summmer at Prospect

The Dorey Shop, Lunenburg


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