Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Heat Was On

Yep, you may have heard over in Blighty that we were experiencing some unusual weather this week. it got hotter and hotter until on Thursday we hit about 90 degrees. In one week we went from big coats and shoveling snow to summer shirts and sandals, my mind was boggling at this, it was too weird even by my standards. You will be pleased to know that whilst the UK is now getting some lovely hot weather we are back to about 8 degrees and I had my big coat on again today!

Other than the weather the week has been pretty uneventful, Cheryl and Deb came round again on Friday night to finalise the new logo for the new name 'Bella Donnas' and the website once again is underway.

Today Nancy and I went out for the day and ambled around the Aspotogan Peninsula. Nancy hasn't been there in many years, so it was quite exciting for her to rediscover the area. My favourite part of the loop is Northwest Cove, but we also followed a few back roads and found a few hidden coves and other gems. It was a great day and I have not long been home, hence the delay in the update.

I was troubled this week to hear that one of the major printing places Transcontinental is closing down and putting another 500 people out of work. I have seen no real signs of the economy picking up here in Nova Scotia, I had high hopes when the news broke about the ship building contracts being awarded to the Province, but as yet any knock on effect from this has failed to materialize...Good news if you are a ship builder or a welder though.

Totally unrelated to anything, I learned an interesting solution to a common problem this week...Ladies, if you ever get white deodorant marks on your black top whilst dressing, just pull out a nylon pop sock, scrunch it up and rub it on the marks...Magic, they are gone, it really does work.

Sorry to be so random, but sometimes when I write this the strangest snippets from the week pop into my brain.

Mill Cove, a hidden gem, found today.

Nothwest Cove

Fox Point


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