Sunday, March 11, 2012


Not much to report this week. The weather perked up yesterday and saw Rob and I going out for a drive for the first time in ages. We headed for Queens County and the Port Medway area. This is not really an area we have explored too much. I think we briefly went there years ago whilst on holiday over here. I was pleasantly surprised and found some quaint little nooks and crannies along the coast.

You can see from the images I have included that the sun was out and it was a balmy 3 degrees! Even though there is no snow on the ground you can see the grass is dead as can be, it looks like that everywhere her right now. I cannot wait for the leaves to start returning on the trees and the grass to get its colour back.

Work has been hectic this week and I haven't really had much time for anything else. We had a training session on different types of speciality papers and wall coverings this week, some of it was mind boggling and there is so much cool stuff out there. Our branch is going to be stepping up the colour side of things and is remodelling part of the show room to highlight this, Some of my images will be used to show how prints look on these materials and I will be one of the key people involved in how the display will look along with Sarah and Rebbecca.

The bus drivers are reportedly going back to the bargaining table soon...I won't hold my breath on that! Now the buses have been off the road for so long, it will be weird when they go back, I must say driving without them on the roads has been pleasant as you don't get stuck behind them every 5 minutes.

Another quick note on photography, I have submitted a few images to used in rotation in Sackville Library. They recently renovated and have a wall dedicated to our club members, so I shall have something up there soon.

Rob is as ever working hard and I believe he has an exam coming up soon. If he passes it, it will mean potentially he will be out on his own working rather than assisting.

TV...I haven't mentioned TV in a while. I am really enjoying the latest Celebrity Apprentice over here, plenty of angst and in-fighting, which is always fun to watch. The new series of the Voice also has me hooked. I am still not sure if it has started in the UK or not yet, but I reckon it will have some way to go to beat the US version. The new Dancing with the Stars starts this month, so I am looking forward to that and I am heavily into the new season of Survivor.

Birthday wishes go out to Marjorie this week. Hope you have a wonderful day!

The Old Port Medway Shop

Port Medway Lighthouse Park


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