Sunday, April 1, 2012

Really...No News!

If you thought previous entries were bad, this one has to beat all, I have been nowhere and done nothing except work of course. I think the most excitement this week was Rob and I getting an A&W burger on Tuesday evening, and I might add it scored low on my burger faves. Here are my preferences in order:

1) Wendy's 2) Burger King 3) McDonald's 4)A&W

The weather has been on and off again this week, we have seen some snow flurries, but nothing much, certainly nothing that has settled. I have noticed the grass is starting to come back to life and there are hints of green everywhere. One of the things I noticed last year when Spring finally kicked into gear were the amazing vivid colours, with everything being so dead, bare and straw-like the contrast is amazing as the colour returns, the green grass and the new leaves on the trees are almost blinding. I cannot wait.

TV, definitely worth a mention, I have started watching the UK version of The Voice. Remember I told you all about it over here about a year ago, fantastic series, and although I had some reservations about the judges on the UK show, I think they work pretty well. The big difference between the US and the UK is the fact the judges in the UK seem to be button happy, spinning their chairs around at every given opportunity, over here they are far, far more picky. I do think Will I Am has the right idea when it comes to selection, he doesn't seem to jump the gun as much.

Until next time here are some photo taken last weekend.

Getting over the Hump of Winter

A Postcard from Northwest Cove

Red Hut, Yellow Hut


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