Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

And finally a Bank Holiday! Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Of course it is not as long here in Nova Scotia, we only get Good Friday not Easter Monday. But it's all swings and roundabouts, as on the plus side we get other bank holidays in May, June, August....etc.

As it was  Easter weekend and Rob wasn't working (for a change), we treated ourselves to a Chinese meal on Thursday night, I had serious cravings again! The weather was gorgeous on Good Friday so Rob and I headed out and made our way to Oaklawn Zoo in Aylesford. It boasts the biggest collection of big cats and other animals in Eastern Canada. It was in my opinion a disappointment. The animals were great, but from a photography stand point the double layers of fencing and cages were a complete waste of time. There are however, a couple of places within the zoo where you can get up close and personal. I made a new best friend in the Lama enclosure, I think it quite liked the fuss and was pretty relaxed. Rob decided it would be extremely funny to capture the moment and my double chin! Thanks Rob!

After leaving the zoo we drove in Berwick (Apple Capital of NS) for a spot of lunch and then decided to explore some back roads, to Harbourville, which was a pretty neat little place I had not been to before, and then on to Halls Harbour which Robert hadn't been to. Both places are very, very similar!

The rest of the weekend weather isn't worth shouting about and I cannot see us venturing out anywhere else, so I am updating the blog a day earlier.

Birthday wishes go out to my brother Clive and friend Sarah Beckerleg, who both celebrated birthdays this last week.

Silka Deer

Gotta Love those teeth!

Finally signs of Life!!

Tilting and Abandoned beach cottage at Harbourville

The Lama, me... and my chins!


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