Sunday, April 22, 2012

Medical Matters

It' been a weird week this week. I had a day off on Thursday, I wish I could say it was an enjoyable day, but I had to go to the doctors and the dentist, so it was functional rather than pleasurable.

I had to go to see the doctor to get an implant removed from my arm. The implant is a contraceptive implant and it is common practice in the UK, it stays in the arm for 3 years, before it needs replacing. I was told by my doctor in the UK not to worry about getting it out and having another one put in as they have them in! this is not true. They have never heard of them here!! As it was due out this month I arranged with my doctor for him to 'have a go' at removing it. It was pretty funny!

He got himself all kitted out with everything he thought he would need, pumped in some local anesthetic into my arm and off he went, there was much mumbling and him and after quite some time and him breaking into a sweat he got it out. He was so excited, he couldn't wait to show the rest of the practice this weird and wonderful thing, if I didn't know better I think he might actually frame it.

So if there are any women in the UK reading this that have one and are moving to NS, then I know of at least one doctor who can get it out for you.

The dentist was a breeze in comparison, just a clean and I was good to go. Although I am still clenching my teeth at night...I have no idea why, but have been since I had those fillings put in last November, so I might need a bite thing made next time I go.

Saturday Rob, Nancy, Dave and myself decided to go out for a drive to Cape D'or Lighthouse, but as we left later than we planned we didn't actually get there, time and the weather were definitely against us, so we only managed to get as far as Parrsboro. I got to show them some of my favourite photo spots along the way and we managed to get some half decent photos I think. Regardless of the weather and not getting where we are going we had a great time and some good laughs along the way.
Abandoned Home Near Parrsboro

Dusk at Peggy's Cove

A Postcard from Terence Bay - Re-Editing an Old Shot


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