Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Long Day Out

I am so late updating the blog today!
Haven't really been up to much all week, just work of course which as ever is keeping me busy.

We have had our first decent rainfall of the Spring. As much as I hated it and the powerful wind that came with it, the ground and plants did need it. It's amazing how one good down pour can make all the difference, I can now see buds and even a few leaves on the trees.

Saturday's weather was cold and bleak, but today the sun was shining, so Nancy, Deb, Cheryl and myself took advantage of this and headed out on a road trip to see if we could find some more abandoned houses to shoot. I am happy to report the trip was successful and we revisted a few old ones and found some new ones. We had lunch in Tatamagouche at a place called Big Al's. What a great place and a lovely man. The food was fab and I would highly reccomend it if you are ever passing through that way.

As our road trip turned into a back lane marathon and we were on the road for around 13 hours, I haven't really had the chance to look at my images yet, the only one I have processed is featured below, it's of The Train Station Inn at Tatmagouche. You may remember me mentioning this place before. The cabooses are the accomodation. The original station area was restored in the 1980's and I for one would love to spend a night there.

In other news, petrol went down 6 cents this week (Robert said I should mention this as it's not news you would normally here in the UK!) I have also entered a Getty run competition to win a new camera, so keep your fingers crossed for me...(Slim to no chance but nothing ventured nothing gained).

The Train Station Inn Platform at Tatamagouche


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