Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Wonderful Sunny Week

I cannot believe another week has flown past. It's been another hot one with absolutely no rain. I had quite a bit of catching up to do work-wise on Monday from my week off, but by Wednesday I was back on track.

I only worked a 4 day week as I had Friday off to go on a pre-booked boat trip organised by the camera club. One of our members has his own boat, and about 12 of us took advantage of this and headed out in and around Halifax Harbour as the Tall Ship Festival is on this weekend. What a gorgeous day, so relaxing. From Purcell's Cove Marina we took a leisurely ride up the Northwest Arm, so many boats and the houses there are just stunning, each one with their own dock and boat house, oh how I would love to live in one of them. It reminds me of those luxury homes you see in Florida, but the prices here would be much cheaper.

After the Northwest Arm we headed over to McNabs Island, where the more adventurous went for a long hike for their picnic...Not me, I stayed sunning on the boat with Cheryl and Suzanne, it was so relaxing and very hot. About 5 pm, we sailed down into the Halifax Harbour and took in the sights of the Tall Ships, then docked over in Dartmouth for a spot of dinner, before once more heading out onto the water to watch the fireworks (they have the fireworks every night whilst the ships are in town). It was a magical day. I think any given opportunity I will be out on a boat now, I just love it.

Saturday Anne, myself and Rob took a drive out to Seafoam Lavendar Farm. I have wanted to get back there and see the plants in all their glory since I stumbled across the place last year. Very pretty place. I like the way they accent the area with little touches of purple on chair and benches.
Once we had finished their we headed off to Big Al's at Tatamagouche for some dinner and wound our way back home arriving about 9.30 pm.

Today I am knackered. I have been editing images and catching up with all the stuff I haven't been doing all week. Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind, who knows what next weekend will hold in store. Rob has gone off down town today to check out the Tall Ships, I would have gone with him but I just don't have the time :o(

Finally, good news...I sold some images on Getty! Hooray!!! I bagged myself $235 this month. One of the images sold to Saatchi and Saatchi. Now this is something eh?

Several images below from the weekend, Click to View Larger! Plus an odd shot of my feet, just to show you how sunny it has been here...Not the most attractive feet I know, I officially call them my sandal feet now. :o)
Setting of from a colourful and beautiful Purcell's Cove

There was a very tropical feel about the harbour yesterday

Some of the more traditional houses along the Northwest Arm

And the not so traditional...Yes this is just one house!

McNabs Island Lighthouse

Tall Ships along the Waterfront

More Tall Ships along the Waterfront

A couple of the ships were docked at Dartmouth as well,
the small, white boat on the right in the image was our boat
Sitting amongst the Lavender
Such a pretty sight!

It's a travesty I am posting this image after all those lovely
shots above! My Sandal Feet!


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