Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back Trouble

Well it's been a pretty slow week. After the long weekend, (extra long for me as I took Tuesday off)  I had a hard job getting back into work for 3 days. The weather has remained hot, although we did have a little rain this week. Funny to think everyone was actually looking forward to a bit of rain as we have had hardly any. The lakes are looking pretty low in places. Whilst Anne and I were out last weekend we passed by a well known water tower which usually has the most beautiful and still reflections of the towers in the water, I was shocked to see no water there at all, just rocks.

Robert did something to his back last weekend and was in agony on Monday night, he went to the docs on Tuesday and was signed off for the week with pain killers and physio therapy. I took him for an x-ray on Tuesday at the clinic, this was just a precaution we think, as it is a muscular spasm. He is on the mend now and feeling much better and will be back at work tomorrow.

Ironically whist he goes back to work, I have this week off. There will be swimming at the lake involved for sure, and mid week Nancy and I are going of for a couple for days to Cape Breton. Which I am very much looking forward to. We plan of taking her convertible as the weather looks set to be gorgeous, so we will make the most of the weather, but I will have to pack extra light as there is little or no room in the car.

Tomorrow evening a few of us are headed to the beach for a sunset shoot with a ballerina...Should be interesting.

For those of you who  are interested in my cat Hamish, he has gone deaf. Don't know why, Rob and I have only recently noticed it, but I don't think he can hear anything now. I guess old age is catching up with him. Besides the deafness though, he is pretty healthy and happy, sleeps all the time and yells louder than ever as I don't think he can hear himself!

Twitter update, I am loving it! Tweeting all the time. I am following Big Brother of course on there! I have 13 followers (not many I know) and have been tweeting back and forth with Andy Scott-Lee (brother of Lisa Scott-Lee form Steps). He is a celeb in his own right, and a really nice guy! Rob is also on Twitter now, although he doesn't tweet as much as I do.

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