Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Search of Autumn

For a short week (with Thanksgiving last Monday), the days have been long it seems to have taken forever to get to the weekend.

I believe I left off last week on Saturday and the trip to get the clock. As I had been out so much last week I had no plans to go anywhere on Sunday, but the weather was just so beautiful, Rob and I took a quick trip to Shubie Park in Dartmouth, the light and the autumn colours around the lake looked stunning.

My work colleague and Newfie friend Sarah left this week to start another job, so that was pretty sad. I will miss her. another colleague who left about 2 months ago (Kathy) stopped by to tell everyone she was leaving Nova Scotia and heading off to Calgary where a new job awaits her. She had packed up everything and was leaving on Friday for the 5 day drive across Canada. Before she left though she gave me her phone, which I must say was extremely generous of her as it is a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII smart phone. Now if you know me at all, you will know that I am not a mobile phone person, but I must say this rather lovely phone could convert me. I think it will take me a while though to stop hitting things inadvertently on the screen. I think my fingers are a bit sausage-like for touch screens. I do keep getting it out and playing with it though and I am sure I look like a complete numpty as I quite clearly don't know what I am doing half the time.

Friday was stock taking day and it was a long one. I think I got back from work at around 10.30 pm.
My legs and hip were arching like crazy, but it didn't deter me from heading out bright and early on Saturday morning with Rob and Nancy in search of Autumn colours. We spent a long time in Truro at Victoria Park, which is just beautiful, lovely colours and waterfalls. After that we traveled on towards Parrsboro (you may remember previous posts and images from this area), the colours were spectacular last Autumn, on Saturday, we did find some colour, but I don't think they were at there peak quite yet. It's been a funny Autumn so far with some areas full of colour and others yet to show.

Autumn at Shubie Park I

Autumn at Shubie Park II

Joseph Howe Falls, Victoria Park Truro

Roadside pumpkins for sale on route to Parrsboro

Picturesque Autumn - The Bird House Seat Edition


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