Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Chilled Weekend

After a frantic week at work...and it was frantic. I am pleased to say the weekend has been very relaxing. For once Rachael and I were not racing around the back roads, instead we took a leisurely drive out Hantsport way to see our now friend Raye at his lighthouse. Once a year he has an open day for friends and family to come out to the lighthouse, some of his friends bring their vintage vehicles along and this time he had music in the afternoon and the evening (although we left as the second band were setting up). The weather was glorious and we got to meet some new faces and spent a relaxing few hours there admiring the scenery. We took a wander down the path to his little guest cottage on the beach, it was utterly gorgeous.

Today was yet another scorcher of a day, and as Summer is nearly at an end, Nancy, Rob and I took off to the lake to have what might potentially be the last swim of the Summer. We sat chatting in the sun and sadly I have to report I got burnt once again...damn it!

It's that time of year again when the crickets are out in full force, I so love the sound of them at night, I find it such a soothing sound and it always reminds me holidays past in hot climates over the years.

I believe the Bank Holiday is due to be a nice one back in Blighty this weekend, so make the most of it people and don't get jammed up on the M25. Traffic jams...I vaguely remember them, we don't really have them here :o) Bank holiday weekends you can just get in the car and drive, you will hardly see anyone on the roads, I suspect those of you in the UK will find that pretty hard to imagine!

Here's some images from the weekend...Click on them to view larger.

Feels like a James Dean Movie :o)

Up Close and Shiny, The Fargo Tuck (left) is Raye's

Can you tell I was listening to Bruce Springsteen
when editing these shots?

The Guest House and Beach....Sigh...Love it here.


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