Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feels Like Groundhog Day

Well of course it isn't actually Groundhog Day, but it feels like it as I am writing this blog simply as I haven't really done anything to speak of since the last update, and what I have done has been exactly the same. Rachael and I went out yesterday, beautiful weather still here by the way. In truth it was the first day we had a lack lustre day when it came to finding good subject matter. The one hit we did stumble on was another abandoned church. Funny how that happened, I have been wanted to find an old church for ages, then both last week and this week we find one. The one yesterday was open and we were able to shoot inside which was excellent.

We did find one other place, not sure if it was a community hall or a school at one point. We decided to don our rubber boots and head on in through the broken door at the front. Rachael went on in ahead of me and just as she made it through she started laughing... If we had only looked around the side first we would have seen that the whole of the left side had collapsed and essentially she had clambered through in the

Rob and I have spent today researching and tentatively booking up hotels for a week away in September. We are hoping to spend most of the week in Vermont, New England and take in a few attractions of Maine on the way there and back stopping in Bar Harbor and Portland on route. I say we have booked it up tentatively as money is tight and just to make matters worse this week Robert's brakes went on his car so that's more expense we can ill afford.

Until next week I will leave you with some of the images taken last weekend and one from this weekend. (more church images from this weekend to follow next time).

Broken Barn

Deceptively in Tact! Don't be fooled!

The Old Pontiac - Summer Edition

Abandoned Church (found last weekend)


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