Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bad Choices

It's that time of the week again when I am playing catch up. It's been a busy one for sure. I had Monday off but even so the rest of the week was insanely busy. 

After my last update, I was too tired to go very far at the weekend after all the travelling we did in New England, so Rachael and I stuck to more local locations for a photo outing on Saturday. We headed around the Peggy's Cove Loop in the afternoon in order to catch the sunset at Peggy's Cove, sadly our plans were somewhat thawted by some unexpected fog rolling in as the sun set.

On Wednesday this week I finally took charge of myself and went off to see a dietician. I have to say she was great. It's all about baby steps for the time being, but I will slowly be making some better, healthier choices and less of the bad choices I make all the time. Since seeing her I have been eating smaller amounts of healthy foods and cutting out things like root beer (booo hooo) and chocolate milk which I am very partial to. My lunch at work now consists of a sandwich, with a yoghurt and some healthy snacks, like an egg, nuts and veggies with a small light dip to eat throughout the day. I am hoping in time I will be able to gain control of my weight, but she and I both know it won't be easy.

Friday I had a blood test done to test me for just about everything. I have to say this makes me very nervous. I am worried about what affect my crappy diet has had on me.

On to more happier things and Rachael and I went out again yesterday the weather was gorgeous (as it is today as well). We didn't intend to shoot waterfalls, but ended up doing so at Truro and then at Wentworth Falls. In the evening Rob and I went to a local fair...Not to ride the rides, but for me to try out some fairground shots. I was pretty pleased with the initial results but hope to have another stab at it later tonight. Anne and Smiffy are coming round later and for tonight the healthy eating plan is going out of the window as we are having Chinese (although I will be eating a smaller amount than normal!).

Rob has an early start tomorrow even though he isn't working as he has a blood test in the morning and then has to take Hamish off to the vets to get his teeth cleaned and most likely removed...poor old chap...Hamish, not Rob! Rob starts his new job on Tuesday.

Until next time I will leave you with more images from New England.

Taftsville Covered Bridge, Woodstock Vermont

Corea Harbor, Maine

Vermont State House

Mount Desert Island, Maine


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