Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Time

It's Monday and I am only just getting around to updating the blog...Tut! That means I had a busy weekend!

First of all, let me update you by saying that my blood tests came back fine...Phew. I had definitely convinced myself that there was going to be nothing but bad news. I am continuing my healthy eating and have been pretty good every day sticking with nothing but nutritional, snacks and meals, smaller amounts and eating more often. I have however had one meal out and that was on our wedding anniversary on Saturday.... Fish and Chips of course. Hard to believe that it's be 13 years since Rob and I tied the knot in Vegas. Talking of anniversaries, Anne and Smiffy have had theirs, it was one year ago on our wedding anniversary last year when they were first introduced and we all went out to dinner. I know they will be reading this at some point, so congrats and here's to the future.

Rob and I made our annual trip to Howard Dill's in Windsor at the weekend to pick out our pumpkin. I always love visiting that place!

On Sunday Rachael and I headed out to the Valley to see what Fall colours we could find. The trees are almost in full colour now, and the scenery (especially along the highways) is looking pretty gorgeous. Just a shame it won't last long. We visited a place called the Tangled Garden on recommendation from Anne and Smiffy who stopped by there last weekend, and I must say I loved the place. Such a pretty garden and setting. The weather was gorgeous, as it has been all last week.

Rob started his job on Tuesday and is loving it. New van, new phone, new hours...he now starts much later in the morning at 9 am, rather than having to get up at the crack of dawn. The company he is now working working for specialises more in energy efficient systems, so down the line it will be a little more technical than the systems and equipment he was dealing with before, but again, I think he will enjoy that and the expertise that he will gain along the way.

It voting day here tomorrow for the Provincial elections. I must say (being quite politically minded) I am keen to see who comes out on top. I have been getting to grips with how the whole election thing is structured and I am pleased to say it's very much like the UK system. There are 3 main parties, Progressive Conservatives, Liberal and NDP. the electorate are voting for their local representatives, in each of their riding's and based on the number of seats won by the majority party, this will in turn determine the new (or returning) Premier of the Province, Premier being the Prime Minister of sorts of the Province (not the country). A federal election would determine who the next actual Prime Minister would be. There are three tiers in total to elections, Local, Provincial and Federal....I think I have this correct!

Finally, Happy Birthday Sarah...Hope you had a wonderful day! Thinking of you.
Here are some images from the weekend....and If you are interested in viewing more of my images from our trip to New England Click here.

Pretty display in side the Tangled Garden shop

Autumn Colours in the Tangled Garden

Fall Colours at Mount Uniake

It's Pumpkin time!

Pumpkin Bicycle at Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm


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