Sunday, October 27, 2013

We Got Gas!

Not much doing this week. The only really exciting news is that Rob passed his practical Gas Exam...Yay! After three and a half long years of revising a shed load of money finally he is fully qualified. They certainly don't make it easy to re-qualify over here! It all seems like a government cash cow to me.

I don't think I am being unfair in saying that Nova Scotia is about 20 years behind in just about everything. I do believe other parts of Canada are way more progressive, but here in one of the smaller provinces change doesn't really happen. This can be a good thing in some ways but on other ways it's incredibly frustrating.

Rob is still enjoying his new job, but unfortunately it is exceptionally quiet right now in the way of work. I don't think that his firm is the only one suffering, from others I have spoken within the industry they all say the same thing. This of course makes life incredibly difficult right now as he only get paid for the hours he works and that ain't many hours so far. We are hoping things will pick up and soon!

It's year end for my company next week, so I will be busy wrapping up paperwork and emptying out all the filing cabinets...My least favourite job of the year.

This weekend, I started a bit of Christmas shopping...Rob and I were out pretty much all day, the shopping expedition involved another trip to the Tangled Garden. Rob didn't go last time and he really enjoyed it. I wasn't planning on taking anymore photos, but I couldn't resist at the light was so good. Today I have done pretty much nothing all day...Just as well as it has been raining for most of it.

In TV news, Rob and I have just finished watching a fantastic series on Netflix. 'Orange is the New Black'...It had us totally engrossed for all 13 episodes and is based on the memoirs of a real woman who found herself in a women's prison. It has a bit of everything, humour, tension, drama, sadness with a superb array of colourful characters. Well worth watching if you are not too much of a prude. I personally cannot wait for Season 2.

A Taste of Fall, backlit preserves on display at
The Tangled Garden

Fall Reflections at Lake Charles

Ready for Spring...The Potting Shed at The Tangled Garden

'Orange is the New Black' Trailer. Warning there is some swearing.


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